hello continued…

After school, after I climb back up a mountain to return home, usually stopping every ten minutes or so to take in the awesome scenery and reflect. Then, I`m home and it`s lunchtime. Susana, my host mother, usually has a whopping plate of rice and beans ready for me after I get out of my really really cold shower. She usually includes a delicious salad and some fresh blended juice. I usually try to help her prepare meals but I often get in the way. Then, I usually relax, do some farming, reading, hiking, or other activity until it`s time to milk the cows. One of the calf was previously blind, but as of yesterday has one good eye! I

Lunch is normally the largest meal of the day in most South-American countries, so dinner is usually small, usually soup and fresh, unpasteurized milk. I always become tired around eight p.m. The day wraps up there, and luckily i usually get about ten hours of sleep here, which allows me to keep my immune system up. More to come soon.


hello global scholars

I have been safely and happily living in the community of La Esperanza, outside of the village of Cuellaje in Ecuador. I have been here for five weeks. I live with an awesome host family with three litttle girls. They are a handful. Although my host family is extremely poor, they are extremely hospitable and helpful. My days here usually consist of waking up at seven, breakfast with the family, and off to school. It is a forty minute downhill walk, but filled with beautiful scenery, always something to look at. In the school, the students ages range from five to thirteen. Based on their learning abilities, the teacher graciously divided them into three groups, to ease my teaching; grandes, medianos, y pequeños. I teach two groups of students per day, an hour and a half for each. We learn days of the week, numbers, colors, and their favorite, as well as mine, expressions! Such as “what`s up?“ or how are you?

More to come!