The Big Move

I am loving Tafi Atome! The people here are so welcoming and the kids here are even friendlier! Now I know you may be asking yourself why am I all the way in Tafi??? Well it turns out that my organization was a complete scam. Yup you read it right. A scam. After analyzing the whole situation and putting bits and pieces together I was able to realize that I was being bamboozled. Many people have asked me, how do you continue to have a positive attitude?? And my response is always  ” it’s nothing but God” I really can say that this trip to Africa has been nothing but a learning experience, no matter how much I have undergone in this period of time, I do know that I would not have been able to keep up the good fight without the man above. None the less am now at a new organization with Tati,Phoenix,Kelly and Hannah. These girls are nothing short of amazing. After giving them a call, when searching for a new organization, they all offered me kind words of encouragement and even helped me get in contact with their host organization to try and get in. They have been nothing but helpful and I can’t be nothing but THANKFUL for them.


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