Sex EDucation

(Cues IceCube-Today Was a Good Day) I think this had to be my best experience thus far in Africa, educating girls in class 3-6 about sex, the reproductive system and also how to properly take care of ones self during their menstrual cycle. The children were very appreciative for this class, not only were they appreciative but so was I. They taught me things that you don’t learn about in Sex Ed in school. Did you know that, woman who can not afford sanitary pads use a piece if cloth as a substitute ??? I thought that was so amazing. One thing I found very interesting when talking to a lot of older woman in the village they say that some of these girls have sex for the first time and end up pregnant because they have not been properly educated beforehand. Also, some men in the village who have cars and/ or motorbikes use these things to lower the young girls to come with them  for a ride home or food for their families in exchange for sex. Moving forward I have been volunteering a lot at the clinic and it is really fun, it kind of sparked a interest that I never had before. I can honestly say that after this experience working there, I have a even greater appreciation for those who are either already in the healthcare profession or aspiring to become apart. I hope everyone is having a great time at their orgs.


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