I have to admit, week after week it all becomes so much easier to live life in Ghana. I remember Night 1 I cried when I got here and now nothing phases me anymore I guess that’s what you call acculturation. This week I had the opportunity to travel to the coast and visit Kakum National Park, The Elmina Castle and  Cape Coast Castle. The city of Ghana is filled with so much history it’s mind blowing. I told my boyfriend that after visiting the castles I feel like I learned more about the slave trade than I have in any history class I have taken. Btw, at Cape Coast I ran into a few global scholars as well. It was great seeing familiar faces especially people that I knew… Moving forward I think I may be changing the topic of my analysis paper, I think my experiences here have sparked a interest in …..( I think I will leave you all on a cliff hanger there). Trust me I think it will be a very good topic. Just yesterday I had my first marriage proposal, it was quite interesting. I tried to say no, but he continued to give me his life story. It was really funny, even after saying I had a boyfriend it still didn’t change the dynamics of the conversation. After about 15 of saying no my friend finally bailed me out. Thank God she came to the rescue. 


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