Anxious, persistent,nervous, you name it I was feeling it. My first day of teaching had arrived, or so I thought. Before my alarm could wake me up for school, I was awaken by the rain drops on the zinc roof that covered my room. Whenever it rains at school it means that there is no school due to flooding and slippery mud. Now I know your thinking, rain or shine we still go to school, RIGHT?? Well that’s not the case here, at GGYN since school is kept outside under the mango trees, that doesn’t bare any mangoes, it is impossible to teach in such a  condition. So I crawled back under my sheet and slept for about another hour until I was awaken by the roosters. Later that day we decided to take a adventure to the mall, I was so amazed as to how cheap things were in comparison to the states. I bought a few things including a snicker bar which cost me about .50, yup you read it right a whole .50 cents. I can def get use to this life. After leaving the mall we headed back home because we had spent about a good four hours there just talking and goofing off. Moving forward to Monday I was able to teach my first class. Might I add that I have nothing but more respect for teachers now than I ever did before. The students required so much that I didn’t think I would be able to give them. Some students were in class 4 when they should have been in class 2. There reading comprehension was below their grade level. This really gave me a sense of not only humility but also a greater appreciation for what I have in life.  Prior to me and the other volunteers getting here these students were out of school for five weeks, not because of the rain but because of a lack of funds to pay teachers to help them further their education. After hearing this, I put on my thinking cap and went to scratch, assessing each kid based on their own individual needs. This allowed me to correctly place the students in there corresponding grade level based on my assessment. I can tell these next month and a half is going to be nothing shy of great. 


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