Living out of a suitcase

It’s hard to travel nonstop. I always thought this was the life I would want but this summer has taught me how wonderful it is to be with your friends and family and just go on vacations for short times. It’s hard work to pack up and move your stuff daily. To also drag it all over the train stations and up tons of flights of stairs. It’s physically draining especially with the heat and lack of sleep. It has been worth it, don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t trade this summer for the world, but it will be nice to go home and have a definite place to stay each night. A place to go home to and not having to worry about where to stow my luggage or what time my train is at. We have been fortunate to have the experience to travel a good deal around India and it’s a great place if your a student on a budget! Tayelor and I always take pride in how much we saved by buying something here in India. Today we bought leather shoes for 5 USD! And we get hotels for that same price per person, per night! I know when I go home I will have a hard time adjusting to fixed prices on things and paying more than twice as much for everything!


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