Indian beauty

A blog that I considered writing many times while at Sevalaya is one I’m finally sitting down to type out. While at the project it was common for the girls and women to tell us that we were beautiful, even the boys. We were flattered of course and would respond by saying how they were just as beautiful. Almost every time I would hear how they had black skin and black skin was dirty and ugly. I was appalled the first time I heard this. Why does this child think that their skin is ugly? That white skin is better. I would always try to tell them no and then I would hear it again. I heard it from women who worked at Sevalaya and it broke my heart to know that this idea was ingrained in their minds.
Another common thing I heard was how America was dirty and India was dirty. These kids had never seen America, never been there so it is clear to me someone is teaching them these things. Whether it’s their parents, the media or whatever; it’s disgusting. I hope in the future volunteers and people who surround these individuals reverses those thoughts and helps them to learn that they are beautiful and their skin color is something to be proud of.





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