week 8: farewell and be well.

Leaving Morocco is bitter sweet.

Looking back at all the obstacles I went through made me depart today with pride. I was so eager to want to leave Morocco because of all the cultural differences I was not use to. From buying all my miscellaneous items down in the medina to sharing one bowl of food with the whole family, I realized that even though I was not use to this life style, I will be able to adapt as new circumstances arise. Now, I can easily say that adjusting to a new environment is both a challenge and a learning experience. Once I accepted my current situation, I began to appreciate the Moroccan culture. There were, of course, many things that I did not agree with, but none the less, I respected it since I was in their territory. It was my decision to be surrounded by a world unlike my own for the summer. I was in Morocco for a purpose.

My last week at the orphanage was like any other. Except, I knew it would be difficult to say goodbye to the babies I have been taking care of for over a month. I know the babies will be in good hands but knowing I was able to provide them love and care is what I will miss the most.

As I wrapped up on my Capstone project research, I was able to interview an attorney who was able to further give me insight on international adoption laws. With the help of my coordinator, Ali, who translated the entire conversation for me. Much to my surprise, much of the information gathered and witnessed was parallel to that of my online research.

On my return flight home, I had a layover of 15 hours in Barcelona. I took advantage of my time and visited main sights and attractions. All of which was breathtaking. Once I landed in Miami, I was so happy to see my Mom who picked me up with pizza in hand. Sometimes, it is the little things that can easily remind me that I am home.

Morocco was definitely an experience. I am beyond grateful that I was able to provide my assistant and knowledge, however, Morocco has given me more than I ever asked for. I have gained so much respect for other people in the world who struggle everyday to make a living under certain conditions, may it be lack of food, no change of clothes, or no transportation. Life is never what it seems, unless you have seen it all.


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