A New Building for Mawuvio


M.O.P, was founded in August 2009 by Renee Farwell and Kwame Agoe. They began teaching a group of about seven students in Kwame’s compound. Today, the school has sixty-five kids but all of them still remain in the compound. For the past few years, M.O.P has been planning a big move to their new building. This September, the school will finally make that move. With permission from their parents, the students will be taken from the Kissemah village to Aikuma, which is about two hours away. They will live at the school during the semester and visit their families for holidays. Some of the teachers will even go to Aikuma with the students. Luckily, one of the donors has offered to pay their rent for the first year! This is a big relief to the teachers because it would be a challenge for them to financially support themselves if they move. The kids are excited about going and they are ready to have the boarding school experience. Throughout my time in Ghana, there has been a lot of work to do to make sure that the school will be ready in time. M.O.P will be accepting more students so they have to higher a bigger staff of cooks, house mothers, and teachers for all of the kids. They also have been working on getting permission from each of the parents to take the students to the boarding school. Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to travel to the new site and see exactly where the kids will be going. It is a really large building equipped with dorms, classrooms, and an office space. It still has some work to be done, but Mawuvio has come a long way. I’m really excited for all of the students and staff, they will really enjoy this new learning environment.




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