Written June 19, 2014


I have been very busy in Ghana. I recently came to Accra, the capital of Ghana and have been working in the clinic for the week. I was able to learn to do phlebotomies and test patients for malaria (in a different manner than before), sickle cell anemia, typhoid, urinalysis, stool analysis, pregnancy tests, full blood count, fasting and random blood sugar, and many other tests. I was then placed in with the doctor to help with consulting. The majority of patients who come in have malaria or typhoid. It is interesting to see healthcare in urban Ghana as compared to the rural areas as it is vastly different. The patients tend to have the same illnesses but the proficiency with which the urban areas are able to treat typhoid and malaria is far greater than the urban areas. I must also say that I have seen more hypertension in the urban areas as compared to the rural. I do not have any crazy stories to relay, but I have been incorporating myself quite nicely into the hospital and in the community here.

Before coming to Accra I went to visit an old castle that was used in the slave trade. It was very sobering to see and walk through the small rooms that would house about five hundred people at a time- where they would eat, sleep, and defecate. I was also allowed to see the dungeon where people would go to starve to death for misbehaving. It was very sad but it taught me a little about Ghanaian history and their road to independence, which happened within the last century.

Now, I live in the city so I have been able to experience the many food vendors that line the streets. My day is quite consistent in routine, I wake up around six in the morning, I get ready and then go to work and leave work around two. When I get home I go to eat lunch. Afterwards I meet my roommate and we then relax a little, and go to watch the soccer games at one of the many places that have a television around. So I am able to watch the games with the local people in my area of the city. Watching the US vs Ghana game was incredible. I love the world cup and I’m glad to be in a country that loves soccer as much as it does because after the first game has started in the afternoons, that’s is all that is on television all through Accra, every television on every corner is showing the soccer game. It’s a fantastic sight.



Much Love,






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