Lake Prophetess

Lake Prophetess

Written June 10, 2014

My past couple of weeks have been very nice, pretty quiet and I’m starting to form a routine for my days-which is interesting since I’m leaving at the end of the week to go to a City and work there. The past week I worked in maternity but it was quiet while I was there. Babies apparently don’t want to be born in the morning and early afternoon of the weekdays- they like to be born at nights and on weekends. I did learn how to palpate the stomach to determine the fetal length. I also had to listen for a fetal heartbeat, which was awesome to hear. I did blood tests on many of the pregnant women to check for HIV and syphilis. When I was out of the clinic I would go to the school where I live and play soccer with the children. The past couple of days I worked in the lab in the clinic. There I did more blood tests but the majority of these were for Malaria. There were also tests done for pregnancies, urinary track infections, blood typing, and hemoglobin count. The hemoglobin count was for pregnant women to see if they’d have to be referred for their delivery because if their hemoglobin count is low they may need to receive a blood transfusion, which cannot be done at the clinic. And after I play soccer with the kids at the school I go and play volleyball with some of the guys from the village.
On my weekends I’ve been active with my family. The weekend before last week, I traveled with my family to go visit a nearby village called Krobo. In Krobo we went to a mountain that had a beautiful view and a nice rock spring. On the top of the mountain many of the villages got together for singing and dancing and that was a blast. Sunday I rested with my family at home and played games with Hilda, the four-year-old girl that I live with.
This past weekend I went with my family to visit their sister. She is considered a prophetess and heals the sick. We visited her and her house was busy with many many people who stayed there to be healed. They all cleaned and cooked and did general living activities while I was there. It was nice to meet them all. I watched while she did her healing activities. She would spray a type of yellow perfumed soap on them and pray over them. She then took me to see a river but the river had been flooded so I was forced to see it through a bunch of large bamboo stalks. That Sunday I also enjoyed with the family and played with Hilda.
So as you see not much information to portray but I’m becoming more incorporated into the community, which is nice.

Much Love,



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