Flyin’ Solo

Welp, I’m all alone.  Okay, that’s a little bit of a hyperbole. Taylor and Ellen decided to head home a little early.  Their old departure dates from Ghana were slightly conflicting with their work schedules, so they left on Wednesday to fly back to the U.S.  I miss them already! It was great spending time and working with them.  My host family and I have moved into Ho,  the capital city of the Volta Region, and I had to say goodbye to the lovely village of Adaklu Anfoe.

It was extremely sad saying goodbye.  I’m going to miss all the kids in the village, and all the adults who made me feel welcome.  I’m going to miss Jr, Readyma, Gilbert, Blaze, Godwin, Courage, Grace, Kofui, Maxwell, Mamma Gbadage, Bennet, Luticia, all of my P4 crazy kids, and everyone else in the village who made my stay special.  They will forever hold a place in my heart.  

For the next 13 days, Precious, Richard, Dorris and I will be living in a small 2 room apartment on the outskirts of Ho.  Every day I’ve been walking to Royal Hospital, a small private hospital that offers a “prestigious and superior international health care service”.  I have been strictly shadowing, working with two different doctors.  One is a primary care physician, and one is a general surgeon.  It is extremely interesting to compare and contrast the health care differences in Ghana to the US, and watching medical procedures is absolutely riveting.  I’ll update later in the week, but I need to get to writing my capstone.  



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