Ready for take off!!!

After countless hours of planning, organizing, filling out paper work, shopping, and sad-goodbyes, I am finally ready to leave for Ghana! As I sit in my seat on the plane, I can’t help but think that it is going to crash. Unlike most people, this is my first time flying and I couldn’t be more nervous. I’m wearing my Global Scholars T-shirt, which is a reminder of why I’m risking my life in the first place…to help the kids at Mawuvio in one way or another. As the plane takes off, I nearly have a heart attack, and I’m sure strangers are staring at me. After 15 minutes of this tantrum, I am finally relaxed enough to fall asleep on the flight. The flight from Miami to New York is a breeze. Now, it is time to catch a flight from New York to Ghana. After relocating from NY LaGuardia Airport to JFK, I finally board the second plane. This time, it was a little easier to relax in the air. I watched a few movies and talked a little bit with the person sitting next to me. But most of all, I can’t stop thinking about all of the things that this trip has in store. I am really excited to meet the teachers and students at Mawuvio. I have been talking with the director of the program and she has really given me a good idea of what to expect, but there is nothing like actually seeing the place in person. Not to mention, I will get to meet some of my family on my dad’s side who live in Ghana. I know that no matter what happens on this trip, I’ll have a story to tell.

Donae's first flight(:

Donae’s first flight(:






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