week 6: i got this in the bag

This week was smooth sailing.

I visited Spain during the 4th of July weekend. It was a nice getaway from all the chaos in Morocco. I mentioned last week how I have not noticed much of a difference in the people’s behavior due to Ramadan, but I was wrong. Coming into the 2nd week of Ramadan, I have seen more fights and less patience. It was not as apparent during the first week, but I can easily see it now.

Going to the orphanage has been more enjoyable than ever. With volunteers coming in and out every other week, I automatically feel more in charge. Since I have caught on to the daily routines and preferences of the babies, I quickly get to work. I have gotten closer to the teachers as well, even though the language barrier is still there.

A few weeks ago when I was going to the beach with my host family, a man approached me by name and asked how I was. I did not reply to him because I have never seen this man in my life. I told my coordinator and brushed it off afterwards. Recently, I was walking to work and I noticed a man strolling behind me for awhile. At a light, he approached me and asked me something in Arabic. Trying not to be rude, I said “no thank you” and kept on walking. As I turned the corner the orphanage was on, the man was still behind me. Feeling unsafe, I retraced my steps and went a different way. The man was still behind me. So I turned another corner to try and lose him but he kept at a steady pace behind me. My last move was to walk quicker, then jog to work. I knew I would be safe there since the orphanage was secured with an officer and a gate. I told my coordinator afterwards, in which he gave me a little insight on the man. Apparently, I am not the first. After that day, I have not seen the man again.

Overall, my experience in Morocco has become easier as each day goes by. I do miss home and the activities that I participated in such as the gym. I have two more weeks and I plan to make the best of it.

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