Busy week at Seeds!

Got started working on the fence this Monday, which was great, except for the fact that we accidentally broke the water pipe in two places while digging the holes. Luckily the breaks weren’t too big so they didn’t take long to fix, but it was a setback for a little while!
One of the girls, Yadira, had been gone for over a week and she was finally back on Wednesday. She didn’t explain why when I asked, though one of the other volunteers said that sometimes when their moms are sick, the girls have to stay home to help them. After the second session on Wednesday, there was a man waiting outside the school with two kids. He said that they didn’t have much to eat and that his wife left. He was going to talk Yuri, who runs the school, to see if his kids could join. I hope that they can, but it’s so difficult because there can only be so many kids enrolled at a time.
On Thursday, we started priming the wall to paint the mural! I really hope I can get it done before I leave, but I still need to finish the design and get the paint for it. I really want to get the kids involved and have them put their handprints on it with their names in it.
Friday was really tough, with three volunteers leaving. We made tons of cookies and the kids all decorated them, which they all got a kick out of, but didn’t make it much easier to say goodbye. In the morning, I drew with Keler and he did an amazing drawing of a mountain for one of the volunteers who was leaving. I really hope he can help me with the mural and that I can draw with him more. I love finding out all the different things the kids like!
I had quite a few different lessons this week too. I learned how to make ceviche with Willy, which turned out really well! I also learned how to make two different types of bracelets from Marisol. I hope I can have a few more lessons from each before I leave.
Going into my last week here, I’m definitely not ready to leave Huaraz, especially all the kids. They constantly ask when I’m leaving and always say “noooo” when I tell them. I’m definitely going to make the most out of the rest of my time here, and hopefully finish the mural!


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