Day 45

Our work is starting to become pretty difficult. We’ve pretty much run into all the roadblocks you can possibly run into when trying to supply a community with clean water. We have moved onto our second community and we are unsure of a lot of things right now. We don’t really know how many people live in Dawanu and if they are counting people from the surrounding small communities. To get a statistically significant amount of data we would have to do 230 interviews when we barely see anyone around the community. Then we face the problem that we can’t use a borehole as a solution as we have been informed by the District Assembly that the water table under the district is not good. That makes drilling a borehole useless. When we ask people in the interviews what they think the best solution would be they always say borehole. We now explain to them that a borehole is not an option and explain why. People don’t understand so they say that they will just continue drinking the stream water. When we try to explain other alternatives they still don’t understand. We are struggling but I think we are starting to really think this through and find the right way to adapt and continue on effectively. 

My passion for getting these rural villages water has only increased since drinking their so called drinking water. It made me sick for three days and I have never experienced that much pain in my stomach before. Honestly, I can say now that I have drank their water and know for a fact that it is not safe to drink. The teacher I spoke to told me how the kids are always sick and showing up late because they had to go all the way to the stream to fetch water. What killed me though is the fact that they honestly think that putting the muddy water into a plastic water bottle and laying it in the sun all day will make it clean. I think all of this has definitely inspired us to seriously consider educating the community as well as doing the interviews.


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