Day 57

Day 57
I LOVE TAFI ATOME. I love my host family. I love my students (may I remind you that they consist of 60 crazy kindergartens). I love Queen Mother and CompassionateWomen (the sustainable women’s group). I love reading to Bliss and taking her on nature trails. I love craving something other than rice- an everyday battle. I love fetching water from the river. I love the sounds of monkeys and goats on every walk I take. I love that I hear my name yelled throughout the village. I love my new sister, Gladys, who has joined the women’s group. I love the indescribable star gazing that happens every night. I love the red flowers that accent the trees of the rainforest. I love how everyone is each other’s keeper. I love how I have gained a family in Tafi Atome.
Time is such a delicate gift. No matter how you chose you spend it, the timer will eventually go off. Having only 6 days left in Ghana- time is no longer a distant concept to me anymore. There is so much I want/need/have to do before my goodbyes- and at this point, I am on a time limit. (Yes- this just got depressing, but the truth needs to be spoken). My heart hurts knowing that in less than a week, I will no longer wake up in Tafi Atome and see all these beautiful Ghanian faces. I should be used to the departure part of traveling (being my third time in Africa) but no, I’m not. As an optimist, I am going to take every minute I have left and see it as a blessing to spend it with people I love so much. 6 days is better than no days.
Enough of my sad heart speaking- let’s get to exciting news! French volunteers came into Tafi Atome for a while, and of course I couldn’t let them leave without looking at the handmade clothes by CompassionateWomen. Can you say successful?!!! With only purchasing headbands and one purse, the profit came out to be 206 cedis (converting that into US dollars would equal around $70). Incase you didn’t know, that is VERY good for the Ghanaian market. Words cannot express my excitement for the women of Tafi Atome. They are incredibly talented and I am so happy and honored to show everyone their art pieces (aka: handmade clothing).

Something that Wilson (my previous host father) said to me earlier today, “it’s the little gifts that can give someone life. Meaning that an act of giving shows someone that they are cared for”. I hope that the handmade gifts from CompassionateWomen can be an inspiration to those who buy them and also to the women who continue to create them.


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