Culture Shock in

Welcome to GHANA! Those were the first words I heard as I stepped off the plane. The scenery was beautiful, just what I imagined when I thought about my trip to Ghana. As I went through customs, claimed my baggage and got them cleared, my real journey was about to begin…. I was welcomed by three individuals, 2 from the UK, Heather and Tom and 1 Ghanaian resident Joshua who is the IT guy for GGYN. It felt like something in a movie because i told Heather a code word for me to identify them as the individuals who are going to pick me up. Before I could even look her dead in the eye she shouts out Red, because she seen me communicating with someone else and thought they were trying to take me. It was hilarious. Moving forward as we arrived at my host family house we dropped off my bag and quickly left to go and watch Ghana and Portugal play. This game was intense, this is where I first heard the local African dialect Ewe and Twe.  The place was swarming with the two different languages but yet they were able to understand each other. I felt bad for the Ghanaians that day because they had hope their team would win, but unfortunately both them and Portugal were kicked out of the World Cup. We then went to the local cafe where I got to see my family and talk to them for a little bit. As soon as I got on FaceTime withy mom, and she said ” Hi my baby” I completely lost it. I tried to hold back the tears but I couldn’t, this was the first time that I was away from home and my parents were not in a 7 hour radius from me. No boyfriend, no friends, no family, it was all kicking in. I tried to pull myself together before I spoke to my dad but it only lasted for about a good minute and then the waterworks started. I cried even harder this time, as I looked in my dad’s eyes I could see he looked like he missed me as if I was gone for good and he was never going to see me again. He began to ask me if I was ok, if I wanted to come home, no matter what he was behind me, at first I contemplated the thought to come home and then I thought to myself,NO. I’m not weak. If I run from this obstacle I will let everything in life defeat me, I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel that easy. When I talked to Heather she said she felt homesick the first three nights here, but she got over it . So I’m taking her advice by taking it day by day and embracing this lifestyle bits and pieces at a time, and it’s worked. I’m glad I have someone here to relate to she has really made these first couple a days something worth writing about.


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