hello continued…

After school, after I climb back up a mountain to return home, usually stopping every ten minutes or so to take in the awesome scenery and reflect. Then, I`m home and it`s lunchtime. Susana, my host mother, usually has a whopping plate of rice and beans ready for me after I get out of my really really cold shower. She usually includes a delicious salad and some fresh blended juice. I usually try to help her prepare meals but I often get in the way. Then, I usually relax, do some farming, reading, hiking, or other activity until it`s time to milk the cows. One of the calf was previously blind, but as of yesterday has one good eye! I

Lunch is normally the largest meal of the day in most South-American countries, so dinner is usually small, usually soup and fresh, unpasteurized milk. I always become tired around eight p.m. The day wraps up there, and luckily i usually get about ten hours of sleep here, which allows me to keep my immune system up. More to come soon.

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