Fears and Desires

Thursday June 17, 2014

Today was yet another hot day in Tafi Atome, nothing out of the usual. It was a fairly productive day, as I got to work on my school project some more. Being a Psychology major, I wanted part of my project to revolve around the mind. Our way of thinking and emotions are what often influence behaviour. I decidedto investigate what were people’s fears and desires and how these fears and desires are prioritized to influence behavior. I interviewed a few of the kids I teach at school to get the perspective of a child. When I asked about their desires, many of the children told me about their future aspirations in life. Joyce who is 13 years old told me she wanted to be a nurse. Patience, 13, wants to be a future bank manager and Lucky, 11, wants to be a soldier. Aside from future aspirations they also hope to be smart, intelligent hardworking individuals. When I asked them what their fears were, their answers varied from that of other children. Where other children responded that their fears consisted of being afraid of the dark or not having any friends, their answers were purely unselfish and focused on their families. Joyce told me she was most afraid of someone stealing from her family, disrespecting and insulting her family. Patience told me she was most afraid of someone harming and insulting her family, and Lucky told me that one of his fears was disappointing his parents. When I asked which one was a bigger priority in their behavior, they all said their desires are what influence them the most. It is their desire to become someone in life is that propels them to continue on with their education and not let anything stand as a roadblock. I couldn’t be more proud and happy to have heard these answers. I pray that these children someday get to be everything they aspire and more. I ran into Patience on her way home from school, I walked her home and waited for her to change. We then walked back to Wilson’s were we began talking and I decided to interview her. Patience lives in a tiny two bedroom mud and brick house with her Aunt Mary and her four other cousins. She doesn’t allow the material things in life determine who she wants to be in the future.  That is what I admire and love the most; the fact that their desires focus on the kind of person they want to be instead of the material things in life they want to have.

Melor vinyewo= I love my children


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