Day 42

Day 42 It’s officially the 6 weeks mark, which means time needs to slow down immediately. Tafi Atome isn’t a foreign place to me anymore, it’s natural to be here. Every morning I eat an amazing breakfast from Mother Vinolia (she serves organic peanut butter everyday- which means she is a goddess). After I am stuffed from breakfast, my kindergarten students become the center of my attention. I cannot get enough of them. Walking to school is a fun time in itself- imagine having students who love to go to school and who wait outside your house to walk to school with you? Three special little ones have stolen my heart-Mata, Falesha, and Samuel. Mata and Falesha are in my kindergarten class, they have an abnormal amount of energy in my opinion. I can always count on both of them to be the first ones to say good morning with a sloppy kiss on my cheek. I literally get ready for school faster just for this reason alone. Samuel, I have already decided is coming home with me. His passion for learning is inspiring and his selflessness is humbling. His dream is to be a teacher, and because he has taught me so much about living a passionate life- I know that his dream fits him perfectly. Samuel daily reminds me to see beauty in all things and to share it with others. It’s crazy how big one’s heart can be. The past two years in Africa I have fallen in love with a list of children who I can and will never forget. And of course this summer, there are more kids adding to that list-but that doesn’t make me love anyone less. The more children I love, the bigger my heart gets.
There is some bittersweet news to address. I have moved out of Wilson’s (my Tafi Atome father) house. He is having 27 international students accompany him for the next three weeks. With that being said, I have moved into Josephine’s house. She is a student in class 6 and she is definitely a crazy one. Even though I miss Wilson terribly, living with Josephine is an adventure. Her house is in the heart of village. Monkeys, goats, and sheep share the land with us- and yes I play with them. I have monkeys on my shoulders (when I kindly offer them some of my banana, of course) and baby goats are my favorite to hold. I literally play with children and animals all day… Hannah has found her happy place.
Like stated previously, my kindergarten crazies have stolen my heart- but the love doesn’t stop there. The women’s empowerment project has taken off and is soaring! Yesterday was probably one of the most special days I have had here. I have been working with the Queen Mother to help start up a clothing business in the village. Kiki, Melissa, (other volunteers, aka- my partners in crime), and I have given the seamstresses designs and clothing ideas that we believe will be a hit over in the states. Yesterday we went to the Queen Mother’s house and were immediately in tears. (Happy happy happy tears). The women had created the most beautiful dresses, headbands, skirts, tops and much more. To tell you that we were impressed would be an understatement. We were happy dancing, crying, laughing, hugging, and obviously trying on all the beautiful outfits they had created. A moment I’ll never forget is when we walked out to show queen mother the dresses and immediate tears fell from her eyes. This project is so much more than women making clothes, It’s the start of a new chapter in their lives. Their creations are absolutely breathtaking and will be the tool to a sustainable income- something they have never had before. BE READY TO SHOP MY FELLOW READERS!!


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