Lots happening at Seeds of Hope!

This has been a really busy past week at Seeds, and I was away for the weekend without internet, hence the late post. I moved into my home stay last Monday, and so far it’s been really great! The family is a dad and two daughters, and I instantly felt like part of the family. It’s definitely been improving my Spanish! The dad speaks English as well, but I’ve been trying to only speak Spanish around them, which at times is quite a challenge!
There have been some great improvements happening at the Seeds building. We finished painting the walls, and last week the back patio was redone to replace the dirt that was there before. Tiles were also put in around the back door, so now the kids can play out back without dirt getting kicked up everywhere!
All the dirt they dug up from out back got moved in the front yard, so we’ve been working on clearing out all the rocks from it so we can turn it into a vegetable garden! Though the dirt is pretty dry now, so it’ll take a lot of work to get there.
We started a new project with the kids on Friday which is a play called Los Colores. The characters are all different colors and a grand artist who needs them to help add color to the world. It’s really cute and has a great message about everyone being important even if they can’t do everything! The kids all seemed really excited about it and even wanted to take their lines home to practice over the weekends. I’m still not sure exactly what I’m doing for my capstone project, so maybe I can tie this play in somehow!
In the midst of all these great things happening, tragedy struck one of the primary students and her family late last week. They came home to find their house on fire and basically everything they owned was destroyed. I was happy to see how quickly everyone at Seeds sprang to action to help her and her family. The volunteers all pitched in to help buy her some new clothes and Seeds put together an online fundraiser to help her family with all the things they will need. It is so terrible that this happened, and I just hope that we can help as much as possible.

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