Airports Are For Suckers!!!

First and foremost I would like to say that the adventures have already begun. I arrived at Miami International with two obese suitcases that caused me to buy a $75 carry on. Printing out my boarding pass at the kiosk wasn’t an option because my debit card would of course be on it’s worse behavior today.

Getting on the plane was a breeze, and with a near empty flight, it was pretty descent for economy. The funniest part was Donae losing what I will refer to as her plane-ginity. From figuring out when the plane would actually leave  the runway, to speedily chewing gum to keep our ears from popping, it has already been a very amusing start. Looking out the window is no longer an option because the sun is flying with us to Ghana.

So the second half of our journey to Africa took us into the New York Jungle. That is where we were hustled for tip money by an overly anxious Nigerian worker, and turning up in the shuttle to JFK with the cab driver. Walking into the international check in area and seeing an officer with a riffle in hand was when i knew that I was leaving the United States for the next two months.

Boarding the plane with over 200 people wasn’t half as bad as stuffing disgusting airplane food down our throats to keep from starving. But the prison like food, and the neck cramps from improperly resting our heads on the mini TVs in front if us was not a seemingly unbearable as it was to convince ourselves that sleeping at a school would be better than sleeping in a home, with running water, and mosquito protection. Long story short, the manufactured air that mimics our western comforts is where we will call home, for now.

I don’t know what adventures and stores lie ahead for me, but with God and the address to the US embassy, I’m anxious to uncover what’s in store.


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