Leaving Tomorrow

With some last minute adjustments to my flight (stopping in Beijing for local cheaper flights) I’ll be catching up with the rest of you soon in blogging. My host, Ming, has been very helpful and patient in preparing for my arrival. The apartment he has set up for me is closer to the edge of Chengdu and belongs personally to his family, for which I am grateful. As soon as I get the chance, I will begin posting pictures. If any of you want to check out what has been going on with the project so far, CURA has a pretty active Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/chengdurivers


2 thoughts on “Leaving Tomorrow

  1. Hello! (Ne-hao!) The flight over here went by in a flash as I slept the whole way to avoid jetlag. Beijing was a little overwhelming as I quickly became the only foreigner around and almost got lost in the massive airport terminal. The flight over to Chengdu was rather I eventful. The landscape below was beautiful with mountains, farms, and rivers. The soil a yellow gold color with red tint in places. I will come back to write more about Chengdu itself which is much larger than I imagined. Currently, my laptop is broken and elsewhere Internet is limited due to The Great Firewall of China. Till later! (Tzai-Chen!)

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