all around the world*

And the traveling has begun! This weekend Emily and I took a 4 hour long train ride to Marrakech (which was extremely hot) in which we got a connecting 2 hour bus ride to Essaouira. We were picked up at the bus station by Sandra, who is the manager at the hotel we stayed at. Essaouira was holding their annual Gnaoua music festival. Morocco’s gnaoua tradition is the music where Arab and sub-Saharan Africa meet. With its special mix of African magic and Islamic rituals: a combination of music and acrobatic dancing to create a feeling of trance. The city was a lot smaller than Rabat, yet still as crowded. I engaged myself in tourist responsibilities such as shopping in the medina, eating out, and, taking photos. We also met some new friends at the festival who welcomed us into their circle. It was an experience in itself.

Port of Essaouria

Port of Essaouria

Traveling has made me realize how cautious I act when I am out of my territory. Still trying to adjust to a different lifestyle, I realize I am denying people and events because I am hesitant and uncertain of their intentions. I am sure everyone who greets me is humble and means no harm, but being unable to understand the language has put me at ease.
As I previously mentioned, working at the orphanage with handicapped students has been difficult for me. So, I spoke to my coordinator and I was transferred to working with the babies. Needless to say, the babies are adorable! I feed them milk from a bottle and burp them. If any start to cry, I carry them around and nurture to their needs. When it is a lucky day and most are silent, I help out the teachers cleaning or folding clothes. I am really relieved for this transfer and I now look forward to attending my placement every morning.


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