This second week has been a ton of fun and also very productive. We have been working on a performance with our four classes to present to the school next week. Each class is doing something different from a drama about endangered animals to a showcase of their art work. It’s been so exciting to watch the kids use express themselves creatively and to see them grow. I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time at the school and hope that after these two weeks we can be assigned to a new position that can still take part in the secondary school.

The past couple of days we have also made great progress on our project with at the old age home. We have a bunch of kids and some young adults that are interested in the project and helping us communicate with some of the elderly that don’t speak English. It’s been fantastic to see the way the kids interact with the elderly and vice versa.

This past weekend all the interns went to Mamalapuram which is a little beach town a few ours from Chennai and our village in Kassuva. We had great Northern Indian food and got to do some shopping and site-seeing. It was nice to get out and relax for the weekend. We saw the Shore Temples and enjoyed the beach while we were there. We had a tv in the guest house we were staying in, and bought tons of snacks to watch the world cup at 3:30 am!

Today (Monday) our classes performed for the school in an assembly and everyone really enjoyed it. All day the other students were saying how “super” our drama was and wanted to know if their class could do one next. I’m so proud of all of our kids for working so hard on this project with the short amount of time we were given to make it happen. Tayelor and I are hoping to teach some art and English classes starting next week with the same classes if possible.


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