World Cup Madness!

I’m sad to say that I am sick again. My host brought me to the hospital and I am now heavily medicated for a stomach infection. This means that I missed another day of work and won’t be able to go on my trip to Huancavelica this weekend as planned, but at least if I am going to be sick it is in an interesting country.

After many meetings and revisions I will be able to finally interview the staff at my placement this upcoming Tuesday. The women who work at the Casa de Bebes are all very sweet and capable caretakers and I am curious to see what recommendations they will have for their employers.

                On another note,  people are going crazy about the world cup here. I was in the mall a few days ago to use the internet and a huge screen was set up and people where cheering and making bets on the Brazil vs. Croatia game. People here are eagerly rooting for Brazil to win the cup!

                Once again, I hope that I will be well soon. I have to be ready to do my interviews this week as it has been a very arduous undertaking to get these meetings set up. Wish me luck!

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