Learning every day!

My third week here in Huaraz, Peru has flown by! I’ve loved getting to work with the kids every day and get to know all of them! I especially love the primary school kids, who are adorable, hyperactive, and really sweet. I’m terrible with names, so I’m still trying to learn all 50 or so of theirs, but it’s been a challenge especially since they have some names I’m not used to (Yesenia, Josui, etc). One of the other volunteers had been taking pictures of the kids to label with their names to make it easier for new volunteers to learn them!
On Friday, we got to finish the art activity from last week by having the kids paint their paper mâché masks with flags from all over the world. It was a huge success! We also had them color and write on paper ties and hearts for Father’s Day this Sunday, which the kids all got really excited about.
This has also been a great week for learning for me! Another volunteer and I took our first cooking lesson with Willy and made estofado de pollo. It has chicken, vegetables, rice, and potatoes, and is really delicious! I also learned how to make two different types of bracelets from one of the kids moms who owns a jewelry stand. Her name is Marisol and it was a bit of a challenge chatting with her in only Spanish. She talked a lot about her life and kids and how it’s difficult for a lot of women in Huaraz since many of them have kids very young. She seems so happy and proud that her son is going to Seeds of Hope, and I really hope that the school will help make it possible for the children to receive a good education and allow them to succeed in whatever career they choose. I love learning from both of them and hope I can do even more while I’m here!
I also got to meet my home stay family on Thursday and I move in Monday morning. It’s a single dad and two daughters who are 12 and almost 14 years old. They seem really nice and though I’ve loved the volunteer apartment, I can’t wait to live with a Peruvian family.
Tomorrow morning, five other volunteers and I leave for a one day trek to Lake 69, which is supposed to be a beautiful hike and amazing view! I can’t wait for next week as well!


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