Day 31

Day 31: “In the morning, early in the morning, in the morning I will rise up with The Lord”, take a second and imagine a village full of children singing that song at 4:30 in the morning. Every Saturday, we wake up before the sun and gather on the village road to start the day with a group run. We run for what seems like miles, but the distance doesn’t seem to be a notice. Watching the sun rise over the Volta Region’s mountains and listening to the children chant to The Lord, is something I will not forget. That is why my heart fell in love with Africa two years ago; gratefulness, joy, and faith continues to fill this continent. It is a different kind of freedom they experience over here.
EXCITING NEWS- the project to empower women through creativity has begun. The women have already made many colorful designs on fabric to be sewed into clothes, bags, headbands etc. Attention all readers: keep a lookout for a website link soon, be ready to shop! The women are eager to work everyday and are more than thankful for this new business. I pray everyday that the outcomes of this project will benefit the women and their families greatly. I believe that empowering others to thrive on their own is the greatest way to help someone. I hope the women realize that they are more than house mothers, but in fact, each of them is someone who has the ability to a beautiful individual.
The more I travel, the more I realize that what defines a home is not one destination of residence. I think a home is anywhere you build a family. I have made a family here, and they will always be a part of my story. My 46 kindergarten students, my host father- Wilson, my older brother- Emmanuel… We’re family. I am torn when they are hurt, laugh when they are dorks, and smile so big when I am around them. The differences that outsiders would so easily point out, don’t exist in my world.
Not only do I have a new family in Tafi Atome, Ghana. I have a new Florida State family. Still can’t believe there are 8 of us from the same university.
Kelly- my twin, other half, my yolk to my egg white. She likes to think she is perfect, my opinion doesn’t matter. She makes me laugh constantly and has the same thrill seeking desires as myself. At least I can say we are a perfect match.
Phoenix and Tatiana- hilarious bunch. That is what comes to mind when I think about these two special ladies. They have such enjoyment for life and laugh as if it is there job.
Kiki, Melissa, Denver and Ross- they all came with FSU’s global peace exchange organization. They are a very diverse group, which makes everyday full of adventure. They all have taught me so much individually and have challenged my growth as an individual. I am very blessed to be sharing this experience with them.
*PLEASE pray for Melissa, a few days ago she was diagnosed with Malaria. She is one strong cookie, but prayers would be much appreciated.
A few seconds ago, my host father’s wife just walked in. I haven’t met her before (she works in Accra- the capital) but I have heard only wonderful things about her. When Wilson introduced her, I have never seem him smile so big. Immediate tears filled my eyes- seeing the love they share is a gift. Wilson’s blindness has never hindered his life’s fulfillment. He deserves a sweetheart and I am not lying when I say that she is a true beauty. “Hannah, meet your second mother”, said Wilson.

One thought on “Day 31

  1. HannahBanana! Thanks for sharing these reflections–it is clear that you are having a very positive and meaningful experience. There really are so many FSU students there! But it sounds like you are able to have very individualized experiences even within the group, so that is good. Please also stay healthy (no malaria!), and perhaps try to avoid showering in lightning storms, if at all possible (smiles). Did you decide to chop your hair? I am also really interested to read in your future blogs how the women’s artisan collective is going–it sounds very promising. I hope you continue enjoying your experience as much as you have so far! Cheers!

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