Adaklu Abuadi!

So today marks the end of my second week in Ghana! I feel like I’ve accomplished so much in such a short period of time. First of all, we have finished our interview/research process for the Water for Students by Students project and have analyzed the data in order to formulate a solution.

Now our goal is to raise a certain amount of money in order to begin construction on the system.

Other than that, I have done so much in Adaklu Anfoe in my free time. We walked to the soccer field to kick the ball around and ended up with 50 kids following us. We barely touched the ball, but had a blast! Also, Precious and Doris have cooked many traditional dishes for us such as Fufu and Banku along with, my favorite, plantains. Yesterday, we went to the primary school next door to see how their education system works. The children were going to the JR high to hear about Child Labor. The teachers organized them in two lines. As soon as it was time to go, two boys in Class 6 began drumming and the rest of the students began to march in sync with each other singing a never-ending song. It was so unique, but very cool! Afterwards, we observed the headmaster teach about math in Class 6. The kids are very violent with each other. They play by hitting each other, but no one seems to care! Its their version of messing around and is accepted by society- I’m just not very used to it. Also, any adult will discipline any child by lashing them. It teaches respect and is a part of their culture.

Next week we will be teaching at the primary school! We were also offered to teach at the high school. I dont know about that… Even though I have taken so many chemistry classes, I would be nervous to teach a whole class for 80 minutes. Eventually, we will also be observing in the district clinic, so that should be interesting as well!


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