take it easy~

I am slowly but surely easing into the Moroccan culture. It has not been easy for me. However, I am trying my hardest to embrace these changes.

I have officially started my volunteer work. Once I arrive, I immediately walk into the bathroom area. Here, I find other volunteers and teachers already bathing and dressing the students. I am still have a hard time bathing them because I feel uncomfortable doing so. However, I do help clothing them.
Due to the language barriers, it is difficult to communicate with the student’s one on one. Some I have picked up on what they like, for instance, Jamal likes to play “patty cake,” clap, and laugh, Ali likes to be pushed around in his wheel chair and is picky about his route, and Nadia loves to eat! Sadly, all of the students I am currently working with are either blind, mentally challenged, autistic, or both. All have been found in either trash cans, forests, or in abandon homes. I am still trying to find my place in the orphanage.

My host family was able to take me and Emily to a private beach. It was breath taking! The waves where huge and the water was freezing cold. I quickly noticed that it was infested with men. If there happened to be a woman, she would be covered head to toe or wearing jeans and a long sleeve, sitting under an umbrella. This was unusual for me because back home there would be a good balance of men and women, not to mention that less clothes at the beach is encouraged. However, because it was a private beach, I was able to wear my bathing suit with little to no problem.

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2 thoughts on “take it easy~

  1. You are doing such great things to share a little of God’s love with the children! Be strong, have courage and know that God will guide you each and every day!

  2. Hi Cathleen! I know we’ve chatted some by e-mail, but I just want to say I am glad to hear that you’re adjusting slowly. I know it is a lot of change! (I remember when I first moved to Turkey and had to get used to the early morning call-to-prayer; eventually you’ll likely be able to sleep through it). It’s also great to hear that you and Emily are getting along. I can understand how challenging the work with the children can be, but it sounds like you are already breaking through with them–and non-verbal communication and support can go a long way. I am sure they appreciate having you there. Good luck and I look forward to reading more blog entries to see how your journey unfolds from here!

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