Where is the Time Going!!!!!

My time here in Peru is going by way to fast! I can’t believe that I arrived here almost four weeks ago! It doesn’t feel like I have been here for very long, but at the same time I feel very comfortable being here. I am confident to take the different combis(buses) around town now and to bargain for things that I need at the market.

                On Tuesdays and Thursdays after my volunteering at the Casa de Bebes I have been giving English lessons to women in a nearby neighborhood. Helping them to learn English has also been very helpful for me in learning Spanish. They are improving very quickly, but I finally understand how difficult English is as a language. Nothing sounds the way it is spelled!

                This week I unfortunately had to miss a few days of work due to Bronchitis. My host family made me soup and one of the family brought me to the doctor. Between the soup and pills I was back at work by Wednesday and feeling healthy again. Hopefully I am done with sickness for the rest of my stay here!

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