Placement changes!

                My placement with Expand Peru has been changed this week to the Casa de Bebes. I work Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at a small Casa de Bebes and at a large Casa de Bebes on Tuesday and Thursday. When I arrive to work in the mornings the kids are just beginning to show up and we immediately get to playing. There are tons of toys ranging from blocks, to books, and plastic animals to a kitchen play set.

                After the kids eat lunch many take naps and some play quietly. I leave a little after lunch is finished and head back to my host’s house. Each day in the Mantaro Valley seems to be sunny and beautiful, so once I get home I head up to the roof of my hosts house to read in the sun and admire the view of the fields and neighborhoods around it. The scenery here is very different from my home in the United States, but very beautiful!


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