Day 23 in Tafi Atome

Day 23: Rain, rain, don’t go away, come again another day. June is definitely the rainy season in the Volta region of Ghana. And yes, I am loving every minute of it. I mean, who doesn’t like to shower in the rain (of course, in my bathing suit) and have epic water fights?? I will never look at rain the same way again- like how we showered in a lighting storm last night… Dumb? Probably.
So much happens over here, leaving little time to write anything down. I have been asked to give a sermon at worship every Wednesday and Fridays at the primary school. Words cannot explain how grateful I am for this chance to weekly share the Lord’s love with the ones who are becoming so close to my heart. I know I don’t even have to state it, but my passion will always be with the children. They show such joy and freedom everyday. I become filled just by receiving a single smile from one of them. The truth is, life matters when people matter. These kids are my family- we laugh together, cry together, get mad at each other, but most importantly we love one another above ourselves. Samuel- the most precious class 5 student there is in all the land begs me to sit and read books after books with him. Imagine a boy with the biggest grin on this face after finishing a book… Learning is what excites him- I pray daily that He finds joy in learning for the rest of his life. Samuel constantly reminds me that each moment is not one to waste.
As stated before, my heart was made for the children. But while I have been living in Tafi Atome, a beautiful vision for the women of this community has been formed. Kiki (another volunteer) and I have begun the process of starting a women’s clothing and accessories business. We have proposed this idea to the chief leaders of the village and have received nothing but praises from them. Basically, we will be running sewing classes to make purses, dresses, trousers, bracelets, etc. and also, we hope to add fragrances and handmade soaps to the list as well. Our big plan is to bring back as many finished products as possible to begin an online store to benefit the village. All profits will go directly into the pockets of the women who made each item that sells. I have so many dreams for this village and I will never stop praying BIG things for them. The two and a half months that I am here will be dedicated completely to the people of Tafi Atome. Just as the head chief stated early today, “this is your new home”.

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