Baaaah baaaah

This past week a has been a bit of a roller coaster. Although, I have been getting into the groove of things in Tafi Atome, unfortunately, I have been sick three times. It’s nothing too bad just some high fevers, body/headaches, cold sweats, and some sleepless nights. But in my time being sick I have really noticed the abundance of goats in the village. Yes, I see a countless number everyday but I had never realized how vocal they are and how much their noises resembled a crying baby until I was up at 4 am wishing I could sleep. But do not worry, my program director told me yesterday that he was going “to fast all day tomorrow to pray and ensure that Kelly does not get sick ever again”, it might have been the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. It probably does not help my case that I have been taking showers via rain…in the middle of thunderstorms (do not worry I have not drank any rain water). Besides that and the fact we look like the village idiots, rain showers are a blast. They are incredibly refreshing and surprisingly leave my hair very soft. On top of that it’s even got me get over my fear of lightening! Another fear I have gotten over is motorcycles, there was one night we had to take a motorbike back to the village and I wish I could have captured the moment, the stars were breathtaking because there are barely any lights. The scenery is just among the many things here that I appreciate and will miss oh so much. As for my productivity here, I have been up to a lot. Compassionate Journey’s has made a lot of progress on the construction of the children’s home since we have been here. As for school we have started an award system for the children to motivate them to be the best they can be. At the beginning of every week we will give out a few certificates (best attendance, best behaved, best dressed, and star pupil) to every grade level to reward students and give them a bit of positive reinforcement because we found that is something the school lacks. On June 20th, our group will be leaving Wilson’s house and moving to a new home stay. Although I will miss Wilson’s company, I recently found out that I will be living with my favorite person ever, Josephine. Josephine is 14 and in grade six, the first time I met her she chased me, cornered me, soaked me with water and told me we were now best friends. And now I am so thankful that we are, I see so much of myself in her. She definitely is a tough cookie but also one of the sweetest girls, she helps everyone and anyone around the village and always bring a smile to everyone’s face, including mine. One day she decided that I was going to go to the farm, so I walked and walked and walked…as she and her friend laughed at me struggle to balance a bucket on my head. After we walked over two miles we finally got there, it’s another view that was absolutely breathe taking. A patch of land had been burned down for the next farming season and you could just see the rain and sunset rolling in over the mountains. Of course I did not have my camera but it was just another moment where I fell in love with Ghana a little more.

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