We’re here!

After three days of traveling we’ve finally made it to Sevalaya! We survived the trip with a bit of stress but all in all no major mishaps. Our journey started with us being sent off from the airport by some of our favorite people, including two past Global Scholars 🙂 We then had a  12 hour layover in London, which was so beautiful and fun. Neither of us had ever been, but somehow managed to switch airports, explore the massive city, eat lunch at a super swanky restaurant, and see the British museum before catching our next flight to Mumbai. We stayed in Mumbai for one night and got to experience what it was like to be a foreigner in a huge Indian city. It may have been a bit much for our first few hours in the country but luckily we were shown around by a local I knew from a friend in the states. He drove us all around the city and we talked about the similarities and differences between American and Indian cultures. We talked about preconceived Ideas of Indian and American people, and one thing that stood out to me was that he said he had heard a lot that Americans think lowly of Indians because of their accent, which comes from talking to Indians on phone calls when we try to call customer service. I explained that I think many of Americans lack patience and that they get overly frustrated with accents in general, and not just specifically targeted at Indians. It was really interesting to reflect back on the reasoning behind our actions but also challenging.

It’s very hot but we’re going to go in to town in a bit to get some traditional clothes and cold drinks. The few things that we brought are way too hot of material, but we’ve been looking forward to dressing like locals for months J Monday we will start working with the history teacher for four classes in the morning. The lessons will be taught in Tamil but the teacher will be helping us translate and hopefully we’ll get the hang of things. We will be coming up with additional activities to supplement her lessons. I think this is a pretty good place to start to get more ideas for our capstone. Hope everyone else is having fun!

Pictures will come soon!

One thought on “We’re here!

  1. I’m glad you ladies made it safely! Such a long trip but with some fun layovers/side excursions. Were Katrina and Lee Anne at the airport for your departure? How cool! I love that cross-cohort collaboration! I am excited to read more about how your actual teaching goes once you get into the swing of things, especially with that English-Tamil dynamic. (By the way–do you know that I have a Sevalaya plaque riding around in the back window of my car? Anne Piervil brought it back for me last summer and it never got out of my car once we moved into the new building…so now I have the face of Gandhi and two other Indian dudes I do not actually recognize, though perhaps I should, greeting the world through my back window! Sevalaya is taking over Tally!). I am also interested to see what direction the capstone takes once you are able to start exploring more the role of the elderly (assuming that is still what you are thinking to explore). Cheers!

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