First week in Huaraz!

I have had an amazing first week working with Seeds of Hope in Huaraz, Peru! Each week day, the volunteers get to the school at 9 am for the secondary school kids, whose ages range from about 11 to 19. Since they don’t need as much homework help, we have been working on getting ready to repaint the front of the school. On Friday, we finally put on the primer and will be ready to paint on Monday!
We have a break from 12 to 3, and then return to the school till 6 to work with the primary school kids, who are about age 6 to 11. They need more homework help and motivation, so I’ve been working mostly with a few younger ones. After their work is done they get to go to recreo, which is either playing in the small area behind Seeds or going to the nearby park. The kids are all amazing! They are constantly asking questions, either about their work or us volunteers or if we can go play now. They only speak Spanish, so I’ve loved being able to talk to them and how helpful they are if I don’t understand something. I can’t wait to get to know each of them even more!
Today, we took the kids on a field trip to a lake up in the mountains. They get points each day based on if they are attending Seeds and if they are doing their work. If they have enough points, they get to go on these field trips once in a while! It was so much fun being able to just play with them! I’m really looking forward to my next week here.


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