This is grossly behind, but I wrote my Lima post using the questionable wifi of our hostel in Lima, and now see it never made it to the internet. 

None of my meticulous plans for my arrival in Peru panned out exactly as expected. Our contact in Lima, Jose, was actually named Carlos. Which wouldnt be a terribly big deal if I wasnt being picked up at midnight by a stranger whose only identification was an incorrect first name. Our hotel was actually a hostel,20 minutes from the airport, and Carlos (Jose)was not, in fact, driving us to our placement in Huancayo but to a bus station where we would board a bus and (hopefully) be picked up at, again, the middle of the night. (spoilers: our Huancayo ride stopped for coffee and was 30 minutes late).

However, I get to write this post two weeks late (s/o to terrible internet) and thus have a better idea of how things work here. Things run on Peru Time, meaning, you know, whenever. Plans change, hostels are hotels, you arrive 30 minutes late to work becausae of aqn incorrect marking on a map . But its all okay. The people are beautiful, and even those who single you out as the sole gringita in the province (this area is anything but touristey) are happy to help with directions or fend off one of the 100,000,000 stray dogs that wander the streets.

Okay yall, thats all I have. Here is a picture of the cliffs in Miraflores, where we walked while waiting on Jo-…Carlos to pick us up on our first morning in Lima. 


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