From Florida to Lima to Huaraz!

It’s been a busy but exciting two days of traveling! I left yesterday morning at 7:45 and arrived in Lima around 3pm. I then got to spend the rest of the day and the night at the Red Psycho Llama Hostel. The hostel is really big on recycling, so each room was themed for a different recyclable material (mine was plastic). The girl who sat next to me on my second flight was also staying there. By the time we got to the hostel it was getting close to dinner, so two other people staying at the hostel went with us to a sandwich place. We also got to see an amazing fountain show with lights and music and see central Lima and the Plaza. It was a busy but fun day!

Then today, I left the hostel and took a bus to Huaraz with another girl who is volunteering with Seeds of Hope. It was an 8 hour bus ride, but a beautiful view of the mountains. When we finally arrived, we met the other volunteers at the apartment and went out to dinner. I’m excited for starting at Seeds tomorrow morning!





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