In Tibet

As you all may not know, I am volunteering in a private town in Tibet where foreigners are not allowed. The Chinese government would not like the idea of a foreigner teaching English in a school. I am forbidden from leaving the school without the director of the organization. I have been around the town with the director the first week I was here, and I was able to get a sense of the town. I was taken to the best restaurant in this town. The room in which we ate was gorgeous. The ceiling was beautiful as well as the walls. We ate in this private room which I thought was pretty cool. The director is friends with the owner of the restaurant. I, also, went to the tea house that is located in this town. The tea house was absolutely gorgeous! I fell in love with the arena. I was told that part of the earnings in the tea house goes to the school in which I volunteer (Sengcham Golok Drukmo Girls’ Home). Although I am mentioning to you the beautiful places I have been to, it is completely different outside these places. Tibet is very mountainous with high altitudes. Tibetan landscape can hardly be seen anywhere else in the world. Tibetans have so much land it is crazy. A family may own a house with several mountains. The houses are miles apart from one another. It is rare to have a neighbor because the houses are not close to one another. I live in a small town, and luckily there are several houses closely together. It feels more of a community then the outskirts of Tibet. I live in the school and have my own room. All the students live in the school as well as the management team and teachers. There are about eight teachers, and I am the only English Teacher. We teach approximately 130 students who are all Tibetan girls. This is the only all girls school in Tibet, as you may not know, girls in China are underprivileged. The youngest student is five years of age, and the oldest is seventeen.


Lastnight, I had a blast with the teachers and second graders. As much I tried understanding the TIbetan teacher when she was explaining to me why the second graders were having a party, I could not understand. I simply went with the flow. The teachers bought the students sooooo many snacks and drinks. We had the party at around 10PM in the classroom. Yeah, something you would not see in the U.S. well from my school experience. I can honestly say that last night was one of the most exciting nights I’ve had so far. The students took turn singing and dancing while the rest of us applauded. The students then asked if the teachers could perform. Oh man, I thought I would be able to get away from performing, but they insisted that the English teacher (me) sing. Unfortunately, I did not have any music in my phone, so I told them that I would dance. The students then played several songs for me to choose from. I then chose one that had sort of a Techno beat. I began to dance, and signaled for the students to join me. They began to imitate all my moves (Yeah, it was so cute of them). I had such a great time with the girls last night. After the party, the teachers and I went to the Tibetan teacher’s room, and played Chinese checkers. We ate ice cream and ate melon seeds while we played. We ended up playing till 12AM. 

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