Ghana it is…

Arriving in Ghana a few days ago has already been an experience, adjusting to the time change was a little tough the first couple of days but I’m doing just fine now. The weather is hot, hot, hot….We arrived to Tafi Atome only yesterday and already I am falling in love. In love with the children, the simplicity of life and the people from the community. As we walk around the village all the kids stop to greet, shake our hands and happy to know our names. We are staying with a wonderful man named Wilson, the host who decided to host 8 interactive FSU students. I am really happy to have a house full of NOLES! Today’s series of events involved us waking up at 6 to begin making bricks for the children’s home that is going to be built later on in the summer.All hands were put to work, and we ended up doing a great job; Joe, Latika, and Crista would be proud to have seen us in the grind! We are due to meet the chiefs tomorrow morning and am pretty excited! Till next time!

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