Learning in India

Hello friends!! My first week in India was equally beautiful and terrifying and difficult and exciting. It was (and still is) very hard adjusting because everything is new and nothing is familar. The food, the language, the culture, the showers, the short doorframes that I somehow always forget about until I slam my head on them – so many big and small things that I have never experienced before. I find that I am learning at least ten new things everyday. I have learned that it is easier to bring up water from the well during the day (which seems obvious, but the first night I took a shower, I actually fist pumped when my third try at getting water was successful). I have learned how to ask the name of every family member in Tamil and also know most greetings, the colors, and about 8 animals. “How are you? What is your sister’s name? Blue elephant.” Its a work in progress. I learned that if you don’t pay attention to what you are eating, you can accidentally eat an entire chili and actively drool on yourself for fifteen minutes. I learned that my parents might have given me the most difficult name for rural Indian schoolchildren to pronounce, and now answer to Alice, Havison, Halsan, and (most frequently) sister. I have learned the rules of cricket and how to fly a kite made our of newspaper. I also quickly was taught the best way to retrieve said kite out of a tree when I proved to be pretty bad at flying it.
So far, it has been hard for me not being able to communicate as frequently with my friends and family, but I am learning and observing and loving this new place. The language barrier is more difficult than I had anticipated, which makes teaching the nursing students extremely challenging, but I really like the girls and they are eager to learn and are also teaching me how to cook and some words in Tamil. The children in the evening school are ridiculous and funny and I love them all. We sing songs and play “duck, duck, glose” and color and struggle with math and it is glorious.
All my love!!


2 thoughts on “Learning in India

  1. Have a great experience, Allison! We are so proud of you. Keep the updates coming. It’s wonderful to hear about your travels when I’m stuck at home.

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