Security Friends

I’ve gone through the very first step of my long trip to come. I’m typing this while sitting in terminal C7 of the International Airport in Jacksonville Florida with my flight to Miami in a little less than an hour– I have a strange combination of excitement, apprehension, nervousness, wonder, and hunger… I know this trip will be a great way for me to grow.

I met a very nice lady in the security line who was an alumni of The Florida State University. She got her bachelor’s of business in 2006 and is heading over to New York for a family wedding. I didn’t catch her name but she was very kind. I started talking to her because I decided to represent The Global Scholars Program of FSU by wearing the shirt they gave us, it happened to come in handy and allow me to make some new friends. 🙂

This trip is all due to the program that helped me get in contact with my host partner. I want to thank everyone in charge of the program, Joe O’Shea, Latika Young, and Crista Coven for all their help. Also thanks to everyone who helped me financially and supported me in my endeavors in any way. I cannot thank these people enough, and I have to apologize for my inability to thank everyone by name. But I must say I have the best family, my mother and father are wonderful, and my sister, Katlin, is the best! All day we ran errands to get ready for the trip, the errands included physically running through downtown to go to different banks and many, many, many stores. She helped me pack, which was, effectually, me throwing clothes at her, my two brothers, Blake and Luke, and my closest friend, David. I am truly blessed to have their support. I give you all my sincerest thanks. Much Love, Tyler


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