We will be cruising at an altitude of excitement!

In two weeks and a few hours change I will hop into a small tube, eat some good ‘ole peanuts and have some ginger ale while going hundreds of miles an hour and sitting thousands of feet in the sky. I will be stress free (due to the recent end of the semester), laying my head on the always-comfortable economy class headrest and thinking of the wonderful people to whom I am flying. I can’t say its going to be easy to be away from all the comforts of home, but thats what I hope to be the formative aspect of my trip, to grow because of the difficulties presented to me. I will hopefully meet many wonderful people and create friendships that will last for long after the two month stay that I will have with them. I don’t believe that I can properly portray the excitement that belies within me! 

I am going to stay with a host family, which is probably the most exciting aspect of the trip to me. I will be able to fully immerse myself into their way of life and learn many things that only they could teach me. I hope that I will be able to portray all that I learn from this trip so that you can enjoy seeing me grow from this 🙂

Signing off for now,


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