May 29th will be here soon!

I’m waiting and waiting and can’t wait anymore to go on my trip to Ghana! I’m ready to experience a culture different from my own. I’m ready to begin this clean water project and help set up this polytechnic school. My coworkers are starting to get annoyed at me because, randomly in the middle of any and every conversation, I just say “I want to go to Africa” or “Can I leave tomorrow?” I have a friend who is backpacking Europe and leaving the day before I do so we have a countdown. Yesterday, we were talking about how many days we have left until he goes to Europe and I go to Africa. FSU’s kicker on the football team Aguayo overheard our conversation and started talking to us about our trips! (Also, he said we were cool, but thats a given.) Anyways, I just want to skip finals and hop on a plane right now.

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